About ORS


Opportunity Resource Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community based organization located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. ORS secures resources for providing rural Texas communities education programming, work force solutions, and affordable low-income housing.



Our Values


Access & Exposure

In order to engage our constituents and inspire them to reach their goals, ORS provides access to information and technology, and exposure to opportunities to expand their base of knowledge. 


Open & Honest Communication

Communication and transparency with those we serve and other members of the community enables ORS to build confidence in the organization and create lasting relationships.


Community Development

ORS is committed to providing long-term investments in local communities by providing resources and opportunities for constituents to achieve educational, financial, and personal success.


Organizational Efficacy

In order to maximize resources and to have the most profound impact, ORS continually evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and services.



Board of Directors

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Meet our Team

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Complaint Form 

Please use our Complaint Form if you are a program participant, parent, community member, program partner, or ORS staff member with a complaint regarding ORS or its services.