After-School Tutors

Upward Bound Classic and Upward Bound Math & Science


Hourly Pay Range: $13.00 - $17.50 (based on education, tutoring experience, and driving distance).


Target Area: Johnson County, TX


Preferred Qualifications: 

  • An associate’s degree or a minimum of two years of experience in providing teaching or tutoring;
  • Demonstrated academic excellence (high GPA);
  • Direct experience providing tutorials;
  • Academic support services for students from multicultural and low income communities.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • One year of college experience with other work experience or education as additional qualifiers;
  •  Demonstrated subject knowledge in tutoring area;
  •  Patience and a strong desire to help students achieve their goals.

Duties and Responsibilities:


Generally, tutors for ORS programs are responsible for conducting tutorials (subject specific: mathematics, English, foreign language, and science), and providing college readiness service and character development for project participants at the target schools. 

  • Provide support, advice, and tutorial help for students ensuring their academic development, success in their classes, and readiness for state exams;
  • Follow-up with students on test scores, previous tutorials, character development, and preparing for the future;
  • Monitor student behavior during the after school program, field trips, and workshops;
  • Promote program activities & field trips (purposes, dates, etc.);
  • Establish positive mentoring relationships with students and addressing character issues that affect their ability or will affect their ability to succeed in high school, college, and beyond;
  • Address issues related to college readiness, including topics such as navigation of the college system, the application process, financial aid, study habits, common college pitfalls, SAT/ACT preparation, etc;
  • When not providing tutorials, assist with program operation by contacting missing students, writing encouraging notes to students, assisting in the cleaning of computers & organizing supplies;
  • Attend meetings & training's and submitting required paperwork on time.

Physical Demands: Must be able to lift and carry 40 lbs., to stand and walk for long periods of time, to endure strong heat and cold, to climb stairs and to fly on airplane. Must be able to project voice and speak publicly. Must be able to drive a vehicle, read road signs, judge distance, spend extensive hours in front of a computer screen. Must be able to listen carefully to others on the telephone.